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Gwinnett County Jail Awarded National Accreditation for Quality Health Care Services and Featured in Atlanta Newscast

Gwinnett County Jail has earned accreditation from the National Commission on Correctional Health Care by demonstrating compliance with NCCHC's nationally recognized standards of care for correctional health services in jails. Accreditation recognizes Gwinnett County Jail's commitment to providing quality health services for the incarcerated population.

To earn NCCHC accreditation, the Gwinnett County Jail underwent a rigorous professional assessment in December. During the assessment, a team of experienced physicians and experts in correctional health care surveyed the facility for compliance with jail-specific standards in several areas such as patient care and treatment, health promotion, safety and disease prevention, governance and administration, personnel and training, special needs and services, and medical-legal issues.

Gwinnett County Sheriff Keybo Taylor said "Addressing and meeting the medical needs of a population that often lacks adequate services is vital. We look forward to the opportunity to further our partnership with FirstClass Healthcare in advancing care and safety for the residents of Gwinnett County."

"The dedication and commitment of our staff to excellence is unmatched," said Chief Cleophas Atwater. "I am appreciative of the efforts of the Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office and FirstClass Healthcare personnel to ensure that our agency continues to serve our community at the highest levels."

"FirstClass Healthcare is a proud partner of the Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office. The recent NCCHC accreditation of the Gwinnett County Jail demonstrates our mutual commitment to high-quality, timely, and effective healthcare for those detained in this facility. Jails are a vital touchpoint where modern healthcare can be provided to a population that is often medically underserved. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Gwinnett County to further the healthcare and safety of the citizens of Gwinnett County and beyond." said FirstClass CEO Ben Lefkove, MD, FACEP, CCHP

Ron Sanders, President of FirstClass Healthcare added "Gwinnett County Jail's perfect score on NCCHC accreditation demonstrates our team's commitment to providing high-quality healthcare to residents of correctional facilities. FirstClass isn't just a name—it's the type of healthcare we provide."

For 45 years, NCCHC's highly respected standards have provided guidance to help correctional health professionals and administrators improve the health of their incarcerated populations and the communities to which they return, increase efficiency of health services delivery, strengthen organizational effectiveness, and reduce the risk of adverse legal judgments. The consensus-based standards are developed in consultation with national experts in correctional health care, mental health, law, and corrections.

"In achieving NCCHC accreditation, the Gwinnett County Jail has demonstrated its commitment to quality, standards-based correctional health care," said Deborah Ross, CCHP, NCCHC chief executive officer. "Accreditation is a voluntary process, and we commend the Gwinnett County Jail for successfully undertaking this challenge. The health of incarcerated people is a vitally important component of public health."

NCCHC has promoted correctional healthcare for more than 40 years and has affected the health of nearly 500,000 incarcerated people per year. They provide guidance to assist professionals and administrators with the improvement of services for incarcerated populations leading to increased efficiency of health service delivery and stronger organizational effectiveness.

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